Some Useful Suggestions To Choose Your Motorcycle Helmet Properly

According to national standards on helmets for motorcycle riders, there are 3 main types of helmets which cover the whole head, ears and jaw as well as protect the upper structure of the head, occipital, ears and chin of the users. These are also the basic requirements for the best motorcycle helmet as they help to reduce the noise of the wind along with allow the users to hear better.

The function of each part of the motorcycle helmet


The main purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the riders in any accident as well as reduce shocks when they are struck in the head and avoid the risk of head injuries. You can surely read this article to get more information regarding this issue.


The helmet covered both the user’s head and ear with the special structure to shield the upper part of the head and the ears along with the face. The first half helmets cannot be considered the safest type as they only protect the structures above the users’ head. 


The strap has the main usage of holding a motorcycle helmet on the user’s head, so the helmet will not slide off their head when there is a collision or an incident 


How to choose a good helmet


Currently, there are a number of articles on how to choose a helmet form, which has already introduced to the readers.


The size and the weight


A good helmet should not be too loose nor tight. And it should be light enough with the size from 520 to, 540, 560, 580 and 600 mg. You should remember that the lighter a helmet is, the better you use it. Please do not select an over-1 kg heavy helmet as it will definitely not match the state and the weather in general.


The shell and the strap


In addition, the helmet shell should be smooth and is able to avoid any outside impact and penetration. The efficient space for the straps should not exceed 25mm. 


Regarding the vision, the views of the right and left angles of the helmet should be of 1050 and the viewing angle from 700 or more, the total view is less than 450.


According to the organology


The wire strap of the helmet should be smooth and stable enough when stretched. But you should remember not to stretch the strap too much. It is better if you can try using shrink sleeves. By the time you are trying the strap, both sides should be completely closed.


The glass made up the windshield of the helmet should be kept clearly for the user’s version. Besides, you should choose the screw cap with the height of no longer than 3 mm.


One tip for choosing a good helmet is you can select the based on National Safety Regulations. On the label of the helmet, the name of the product must be shown with the clear origin. The helmet should be stamped the original mark as illustrated.


ABC: is the abbreviation of certification bodies;


XXXX YY- ZZ's certificate number (for helmets produced domestically);


XXXXXX XXX is the serial number if applicable (for imported helmets);


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