Nowadays, there are a lot of security cameras sold in the market but not all of them are good. However, customers who often select to buy good carelessly will buy low quality products. Therefore, I would like to share with you the fact of a good camera for keeping safety. Whatever type you choose: the expensive or the cheapest security cameras should consist of the following features. You know that those who often complain about the quality of the security camera often blame it for bad features. So to avoid this, you had better know which characters a good device has.


1. Crisp images


A good camera will be able to record images quickly, process the data quickly and smoothly. When the data is transmitted to the screen, the images should be sharp enough. Of course, the sharper the images are, the better the camera’s quality is. You only can figure out what is happening if the images are sharp.

the security camera

Several people think that the sharpness of the images depends on the quality and the resolution of the devices like your phone, your laptop or television. It is true. However, the resolution of the screen decides only 20 percent of the quality of images. The camera technology will decide 80 percent of images’ quality. Therefore, you need to test the images on the screen before you buy a security camera.


2. The storage 


Everyone wants the camera to have large capacity to store as many videos and images as possible. However, the storage of a security camera is limited. To choose the storage, you have to know how many images and videos you want to record and store each day. In addition, the storage of a camera also depends on the images’ and video’s quality you select. In particular, the sharper the images are the more bites they account for and the more capacity they constitute. All of us want to see sharp images and want to have a large capacity camera. We need to harmonize both factors.


Some types of wireless cameras allow you to store all the data right in the micro SD (a storing card) which is very compact. This is very convenient that if the thieves steal and destroy your camera with the hope of deleting all the data then you still have this SD card which stores all the data. As you see, equipping a security camera with an SD card is very useful.


3. Remote access


Almost all the camera systems nowadays allow users to access from far. In other words, you can see videos from the camera in spite of the fact that you go far from home. By using a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop, you can watch the videos through internet connection. In addition, you can set up an alarming system on your own device. The alarming system will inform you of abnormal happenings.


4. CMOS or CCD sensor


Almost every security camera in the market uses sensor CMOS which stands for complementary metal – oxide semiconductor. This is a kind of technology that is used to produce integrated circuits. This sensor is utilized in many types of devices. However, with CMOS sensor, the quality of images recorded is not really good.


Therefore, nowadays, good cameras often integrate the CCD sensor (charge couple device). In terms of technique, the CCD sensor gives images of high quality so it is much more expensive than using CMOS sensor.


5. Observe 24/24


Several cameras can only observe for half of a day often be interrupted. This will make users feel inconvenient on the grounds that when they need the camera, it does not work. Therefore, it is suggested to choose to buy a security camera which can observe all the time. If the camera can observe and give good quality images at night, it is better.


If you want to gumshoe to thieves through the camera or observe your children or just watch every activity taking place in your house, this type of camera is appropriate. The devices that have the ability to observe at all times are more flexible than those only working for several hours.

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