The Top-Rated Under-Counter Ice Makers of 2015

Those considering purchasing an under-counter ice maker have come to right place. It is expected that after going through the benefits of having this machine you will be able to arrive at a decision.

Cube trays are not always the most suitable for making ice and this is where under-counter ice makers step into the picture. Below we look at a few of the benefits of this machine.


The Top-Rated Under-Counter Ice Makers of 2015


Money Saving

Among the finest things about under-counter machines is the cash that you are able to save. This is as an ice maker is explicitly designed for making ice. It can generate ice more rapidly and resourcefully.



It is different from an ice tray as it will provide you with ice without you having to get the ice out manually from the tray. Thus you get ice of better quality.

A first-rate ice maker is capable of producing a maximum of 86lbs of ice in a day and keeping it frozen for a great deal longer.


Design Style

Though this might be insignificant to some while being vital to others the under-counter machine is smart and often complements your present décor perfectly. Companies like u-line even build custom-made machines and this is an additional benefit.

Due to their stylishness they are able to be put where there were trash compactors or other redundant appliances, while not taking up any added space.

Some of the top-rated under-counter ice makers of 2015 are Whynter UIM-501SS, Scotsman CU2026SA-1, MaxxIce MIM75 and SPT IM-600US.


The Whynter UIM-501SS

This is a Built-In Clear Ice of stainless steel. This ice machine complements a kitchen perfectly, particularly a contemporary styled kitchen. It also goes well with the bar region.

This machine is capable of producing 50lbs of ice every day and this makes it ultimate for domestic use. Its storage bin can hold as much as 25lbs of ice.

As it is made out of stainless steel smears and finger prints do not build up and there is minimum wear and tear.

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